Where can I read your poems?
I have a poem in an anthology, Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble: Magical Poems chosen by Paul Cookson (illustrated by Eilidh Muldoon). My poetry and a playscript have also appeared in The School Magazine — so if you live in NSW you might have seen my work in Countdown, and Blast Off.

You’ll also see a sample of my poetry if you click on the BOOKS AND WRITING tab on my website (scroll down to the end of that page).

Where do you get your ideas?
I get ideas from everything that’s happening around me — what I can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Sometimes I go back to memories from when I was a child and write about that. Sometimes I write about how I’m feeling.

In the past I played Poetry Tag with Sally Murphy (another Australian poet). We took it in turns to give each other a few words to use in a poem and I got my ideas from the words she gave me.

Do you write with a pen and paper, or on the computer?
I use a pen and paper if I’m writing a poem. I have notebooks lying around all over the house. Sometimes I write on a scrap of paper but I don’t recommend it because scrappy bits of paper have a habit of getting lost …

If I’m writing a story, I usually type it on the computer.

Do you run poetry workshops for kids?
Yes! Please email me for my current rates: rebecca[at]rebeccanewman.net.au

Where can I find poetry books?
Have a look in the poetry section at your local library or your school library (ask the librarian to help you if you’re lost). Bookstores usually have children’s poetry books on the shelves and/or you can ask them to order books in.

Write your own poetry books and swap with your friends!